Why you should use canva for your business designs?

Why you should use canva for your business designs?
Why you should use canva for your business designs?

Canva is the greatest website tool build for designing the social media images also it is used to make videos too. Why I am focusing on canva is that I stuck with those huge memory comsuming Adobe products, sorry Adobe but it's sad truth for atleast me. 

Next when you want to change something in your design you have to load that sucking huge file in to the program again. And sometimes your designer's laptop got hanged with huge memory usage by these Adobe, CoreDraw etc. softwares. 

But everytime you don't have to design hoardings and banners designs. Now days are changed you have to go with social media. Your advertise will reach to more people if you advertise on social media. Also you can try google ads and facebook ads , we will discuss that topic in another blog post.

This blog post is just explaining benefits of using Canva Over Huge memory consuming softwares like photoshop, corel draw etc.

  • First thing is you don't need laptop or PC with huge RAM. Most of those heavy softwares can't start their installtion they require minimum 4 or 6 GB ram.
  • Next making small changes in it you need to contact designer and have to wait for the timing of designer. that's not case with the Canva you can easily edit small changes with canva in minutes.
  • Third thing is backup, you will be familiar with those idiotic nonsense of flash drives and hard disks sudden crashing of those storage   device leads to wastage of your hard work in design.
  • Canva work totally stored on cloud , and you can access it easily anywhere with help of internet.

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