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The current era has truly gone digital. Smartphones have become a necessity in cities as well as rural areas. So most of the companies are using digital marketing to reach their target customers instead of traditional advertising. How do you advertise your business? Old, expensive, traditional ways or smart digital ways? By using different tools of digital marketing we can directly reach out to the customers related to our business. That too at a very low cost. It also allows you to evaluate your advertising spend, which is not possible with traditional methods. These tools categorize customers into useful groups based on their interests, choices, and deliver your business information directly to their mobiles. That's why Stitpragya Technologies brings you Software Engineers, Markets Team..

Boost Your Business with Digital Strategies

We solve digital challenges to grow your business by increasing your market reach. Our practically evaluated and unique services for Indian market like Social Media Marketing, SEO, Scientifically designed promotional content and new era technologies will surprise you by exceeding your business goals.

How We Can Help You!

We can help you by these ways .

1.Digital Marketing Consultation

Digital Marketing is backbone of the Business today, but from where to start? Don't worry ! We are here for you..

2.Social Media Management

Our expert team not only handle your social accounts but grabbing attention of customers by analyzing their demography, psychography, behavior & geography.


People do search on internet before buying, are you there in their searches? We are ready to work with you to get discovered by them. ​

4. Web Design & Development

Our deep roots in Indian local market allow us to design best suited web portals for you.

5.Lead Generation

Data is power but if you don’t sort it in useful format it is nothing. To achieve your business goals we are here to guide you towards your success with our visions and missions. Boost your business with correct guide.

6.Content Creation

Content is the important part in business methodology. The more content is accurate the more customers or peoples will understand your concepts. We are the best solution to make exact content of your business concepts like logo,flyer,video profile,corporate presentations,digital brochure and card,etc

Our Expansions

Stitpragya proudly Handles Following Projects, Blogs & Services ..

Ecards Ga

We design all types of digital business cards. Using digital card user can directly effectively connect to their requirements. We helps to promote business by providing digital business card.

MayMarathi Blogs

MayMarathi.Co.In – This is a Marathi language blogging website, your trusted source for variety of content in Marathi. We’re dedicated to providing you the latest of marathi content.

It's Thoughtika

Thoughtika is platform to share Knowledge to word without taking any money from them.Thoughtika has huge collections of PLR articals.


International news blog website , started in may 2022 This blog covers current affairs , sports , economics, etc.. from all over the globe.


Buy Sell With WhatsApp Chat , Your Store to Whatsapp connectivity. With Online payment gateway and full statistic of oreders , sales etc..

Rachana CMS

This is our opensource project, it's under construction and we are improving it to make firm strong solution for website building faster.


A blog about different trees , gardening etc. Also we keep update people with latest technologies related to planting, seed selection etc.


WhatsApp Based Ordering System made for shop owners , so they can facilitate whatsapp based ordering for their customers.

Hindi Collection Blog

हिन्दी संग्रह | साहित्य समाचार तकनिक ..



Digital business cards

We design all types of digital business cards. Using digital card user can directly effectively connect to their requirements. We helps to promote business by providing digital business card.

Digital brochure

A Digital brochure is basically your item inventory in computerized structure. In contrast to actual leaflets, computerized pamphlets are exceptionally optimizable for different advanced mediums including the web. We design all type of brochures.


Grow your business with complete E-Delivery system, without worry for domains,server and app development cost. We provide you complete delivery solution for your business with sell reports and delivery apps.

App Development

Yes!!! Now you can also have your own App. Whether you are professional,shop owner or business holder.We provide you a customize app development as per your business needs.

Portfolio Websites

We have made numorous portfolio websites depends upon needs of customer. We make dynamic portfolio websites with CodeIgniter CMS made from scratch.