WhatsApp Store : A Vocal For Local

WhatsApp Store : A Vocal For Local
WhatsApp Store : A Vocal For Local

Yes Local businesses are struggling for customers and even some are really in bad condition to survival. Causes are many for their situations. And it's not first time if we see the history, we can see every business type has life span. But human being thinks that this life span is greater than my own lifespan.

And that was true few years ago. But now you can see things are changing much faster ways. Now once upon time the generation gap was set to 1 entire generation, I mean generation gap was between father and son. But now this generation gap was reduced to siblings. You can see much difference between 2 siblings when they only have few years of difference in age. Fashion changing every moment. Cause now the industrialization in running our lives indirectly.

Even you are in local area you still get indirectly affected by it. And you keep thinking how my business was down, where my money goes? And you start blaming. Sometimes your blamings are right. But not every blaming gives better output, or not you have time to spend it in blaming, because it also affects your business. 

The wise businessman always finds the trends in the business and ride on the waves of changes. Also, you can get ride over this wave, and start finding your new customers which leads to grow your business.

Not at all you need to study in brief and give time for it. here we just saying you to sell things online. If you are retailer store owner, you definately struggling for customers. Not for all owner, some are running their business so fluently that they are just selling things on their own name as brand.

That's their uniqueness, 
If you have your store online, you can attract more younger generation customers. As they are tech friendly and you have unique customer crowd, that is with no competition. You have to hurry before those big giants like DMarts , JioMarts will came to your small cities and become huge competitions in retails.

WhatsApp Store:  A Your Own online Store Provided by Stitpragya Technologies. This will help you for building your own store in minutes and you just need to upload your items details and share your link to your customers via social media or whatsapp or messages.

Then they will have all your catalog online and also if you wish you can also collect payments online. 
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